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The company motto of my services is Linux and Languages. I am an avid user of free software and have been using Linux since 1998. My services include translations from French and English into German, localisation (l10n) of software and consulting services in business and IT. I also contribute to a wide variety of free software projects, including coordination of the localisation process in OpenMandriva. Furthermore my credits include completion of the German language pack for the SQL Ledger ERP/accounting software. I am certified to C1-level in English (Cambridge ESOL) and French (DALF). Company references include the former Mandriva SA where I translated brochures to push their products into the German market. Of course, their server line (Pulse2 and Mandriva Business Server) were also fully localised. Another interest I have is working with a company called CodeWeavers who are very strong supporters of the wine project. I regularly take part in their closed beta programmes and also hold reseller partner status should you be interested in buying a highly polished version of the compatibility layer software wine (wine is not an emulator).

New!28. May 2016: English version of this site now includes material on SQL Ledger, an ERP System that I am endorsing.

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SQL Ledger ERP

Interested in having a full-blown ERP-System for your company but anxious that costs may spiral out of control? SQL Ledger is a free software business solutions, which allows you to track customers details, write invoices, do your accounting and much more. I am supporting the GPL-version of this product from DSW Systems, Canada. The software is based on a client/server architecture and a standard web browser (i.e. Explorer, Safari, Chrome) can be used as a client. So there is no need to rollout clients or a pay-per-seat license which results in very significant cost savings for your business. Here is a list of services that I am offering to clients:

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Wine / Crossover

Wine Tips

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Having a similar site or interest in business software based on free and open source software (FOSS) and interested in a backlink? Please let me know.

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